How our team can help
The Mobile Beauty Sanctuary
Amanda is currently running meditation sessions and distance Reiki. She is also running a Mindfulness Wellbeing Programme and courses in Reiki, Chakra Balancing & Crystal Reiki. All services are available via an online digital media platform. Please contact Amanda directly for more information.   

Amanda Panayiotou

Call: 07940 488867

Facebook: themobilebeautysanctuary

Instagram: themobilebeautysanctuary

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SimpleFoodSimpleHealth & SimplyFit
Available for your health & nutritional needs, aswell as keeping fit. You can join Louise's Facebook Fitness Group, giving you daily exercises to follow.
If your worried about what foods you should be eating to help keep your immune system healthy or for just your general health, then contact Louise directly.  

Louise Essex

Call: 07715 438625

Facebook: SimpleFoodSimpleHealth

Instagram: simplefood_simplehealth

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Michelle Green Counselling


Counselling service

Call: 07989 439683


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Live Well Yoga


TEL: 0795 754 4857

Fcebook: Live Well Yoga
Instagram: Live Well Yoga

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Yoga Teacher

All sessions are available LIVE via Zoom. 
Daphne is currently offering 3 classees a week online via Zoom. All classes are FREE for NHS staff or small donations condidered as a 'thank you'. 

Mindful Clarity Counselling

Counselling service


Call: 07761609081


Facebook: mindfullymishka

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Daniela Bailo - Therapy room & Mobile

Call: 07383099231

Facebook: crivalis

Instagram: crivalis_skincare

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Facial Skin Care products

Sally O'Hara - Anxiety Management
Coronavirus giving you OCD, Health Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia?
I am offering 20 min FREE phone consultations on crisis management and how to keep the anxiety at a low level to help you get through the next few months. Please message me to schedule a call. Please share this post as I know anxiety is at an all time high. Take care, keep calm and we will carry on.

Call: 07702 580096



Facebook: The Anxiety Coach

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Louise Roberts

Louise is providing Fredrico Mahora products and homeware from The Accessory Zone delivered staright to your door. If you are unable to get out at the moment, this is a great opportunity to purchase products you may need. 

Products can be order direct from The Accessory Zone and a contactless delivery will be made direct to your doorstep or you can contact Louise directly for more information. 

Call: 07887 511846

Facebook: louisesnailandbeauty

Instagram: louise_nail_beauty_x_

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