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Louise Essex is a Nutritional Therapist and Lifestyle Coach offering Face to Face consultations or Via Video Link. 

Nutritional therapy works by looking at your history of wellness and current symptoms, your health status and daily routines and eating habits.

The imbalances listed below highlight some of the factors that may contribute to symptoms you may be experiencing.

  • Inflammation

  • Digestive Health

  • Stress

  • Weight Management

  • Hormonal Balance

  • Skin Health

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Food Allergies / Intolerance

  • Nutrient Balance

  • Lifestyle Balance

By considering the possible imbalances that may be taking place in the body, nutritional and lifestyle intervention can be introduced which may support the body's systems and help with some of the symptoms you may be experiencing.

For some people just having a more varied and rounded diet along with making a few lifestyle changes can make a difference to how they are feeling in their daily lives.


At SFSH they focus on what can be the smallest changes for the biggest rewards.

Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach

SFSH believe Daily movement and Training is so important to how we feel. It can raise our mood and increase energy levels that may be low, as well as positively impacting in many other imbalances and diseases.

But being motivated to move when we are feeling less than our best is hard. SFSH will tailor your plan to match your ability as well as your goals.

If you need to be motivated to get in a daily walk, to re-introduce movement into your life or to begin physical training for particular health goals SFSH can help and guide you to reach your goals.

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