Mindfulness & Meditation

The Mobile Beauty Sanctuary

Breathe...Relax...Meditate The focus is on mindfulness, breath, chakras & meditation. No experience or level of knowledge is required, it is simply for you to just experience the benefits of meditation bringing your awareness to your selfbeing , thoughts, feelings & emotions, appreciating the time to relax, giving your mind & body time to rest & restore.

Please message to book your space.

Sessions are held 1:1 or in a small groups and available mobile or via Online Didital Media Platform (Zoom). 

Mindfulness Wellbeing Programme is a workshop covering a combination of mindfulness & spiritual practices to help a self healing process take place. 

Sessions are held 1:1 or Online Digital Media Platform (Zoom) over 6 2hr sessions. 

Mindful Clarity Counselling

Michelle Tiedman

Call: 07761609081

Web: www.mindfulclaritycounselling.com

Facebook: mindfullymishka

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